frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a physical copy of the music?

At this time we are not creating physical copies of the music. If you would particularly like to purchase a piece but do not have the facilities to print the music from a digital download, please use the contact form and we will start a dialouge to see if we can procure a physical copy for you. There will be a surcharge for this.

My download failed. What can be done?

If your download fails for any reason, please use the contact form describing your issue and which piece you purchased and we wil attempt to resolve this with you directly.

I saw a piece I wanted to purchase a while ago and now it's gone. Why?

Some pieces are available for a limited time only, but it should say so in the description of the piece. We reserve the right to remove items from the shop at any time.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit & debit card payments and PayPal payments.

How will you handle my data after my purchase?

Your personal data will never be passed on to any third parties and will not be stored any longer than is necessary. You may request to see a copy of our GDPR policy at any time.